Efim Shifrin

Was born on March 25, 1956 in Neksikan settlement of Magadan region.

In 1973-74 he studied in the Faculty of Philology of Latvia University.

In 1974-78 he studied in Variety Department of State School of Circus and Variety Art, course of R.G. Viktyuk.

In 1977 started acting with the same director in the theater studio of Moscow State University (“Good bye boys!”, “The Night After Graduation”).

In 1978-88 he worked in Mosconcert.

In 1980-85 he studied at the Faculty of Variety Directors of State Institute of Theater Art.

The first solo performance is “I’d Like to Tell” (1985) mainly by the works of V. Koklyushkin. The following performances were also staged by the works of Koklyushkin: “Three Questions”, “Round Moon”, etc. (Variety Theater, 1988-90). Since 1990 he has been a founder and art director of Shifrin-Theater the repertoire of which includes performances “Photo as a Memento” (1991), “New Russian Solitaire” (1997), and other.

Efim Shifrin is also a performer of musical pieces in his performances and concerts, among which there are romances by D.D. Shostakovich by the poetry of Sasha Cherny (performance “I Play Shostakovich”, 1990), songs “Jerusalem” by M.A. Minkov, “Return” by V.L. Matetsky, “Southern Night” by A.L. Klevitsky, and other. He played in films “Bolotnaya Street” (1992), “Gloss” (2007), film magazine “Eralash”, and video clips.

Alberto in «I do not want to know you», Viktyuk (1994 )
Antonio in “Love with a fool”, Viktyuk (1995 ).
More than 20 roles on “Angel with a cigarette”, Ginzburg (1998 ).
Armando in “Prozzys”, Viktyuk ( 1997 ).
Glen in “The Rumours”, Dubovitskiy (2001 ).
Martin in “Goat, or Who is Silvya”, Viktyuk (2005 ).
Mayor of the city “Dragon”, Mirzoev (2006 ).
Erve Montaine in “Scandal! No public view!”, Sarkisov (February 2008).
Harry Essendain in “The laughing flower”, Kozakov, (August 2008 .).
Johann Cingerbay in “Sellers of rubber”, Shamirov (July 2010 ).
King Ignatiy in «Princess Ivona», Gombrovich, Mirzoev (21 January 2011 г.).
Continued the tradition of the March benefits with the participation of the Russian stars “Shifrinoev Kovcheg” in the Variety theatre (2000)
2001 г – “WWW. SHIFRIN. RU”, 2002 г. — «Opus № 10», in concert hall «Rossiya» (dir.by Gorbn).
2003 г. — «The Ladder» (dir.by Tsvetkov) in concert hall «Rossiya»,
2004 г. — «The census» (dir.by Tsvetkov) in concert hall «Rossiya»,
2005 г. — «People in masks» (dir.by Tsvetkov) in concert hall «Rossiya»
2006 г. — jubilee “Kabare. Reload” (dir.by Tsvetkov) in concert hall «Rossiya»

2003 – parody on “Hero of our tribe” (the MC)
2006 – Konchalovsky’s “Glaze” (Mark Shifer”
2009 – “Piece for a man” (dir by Mirzoev)
International TV festival “Together” in Yalta (September 2009) – the best play

«My own theatre» (toghether with V.G.Viren). 1994).
«Personal profile of Yefom Shifrin ». (1997).
«Lethe river flows». (2010).

Laureate of the 1st Moscow actors competition (1979),
Laureate of the 7th All-Soviet competition of actors (1983),
“Golden Ostap” (1992).
World-Class Award— «Mister Fitness» (2000)
«Raikin’s cup» (2001).
2006 – diploma of the committee for sport and tourism for the propaganda of healthy way of life
2nd award and cup of Nikulin in “Star circus” (2007)