Liza Arzamasova

Was born on March 17, 1995 in Moscow.

Studies in school 1225 with advanced study of the French Language.

At the same time Liza studies in the musical studio of State Institute of Theater Art.

At the age of seven she participated in a contest of talented children in Hollywood with contenders from 60 countries of the world. At the same time her mother placed Liza’s photos and resume on a site. And that was a success! She was called from a Variety Theater, asked about her daughter and invited to a casting. That was how Liza got a leading role in a musical “Annie” by director Nina Chursova.

A year on Liza Arzamasova debuted on the stage of Moscow Academic Musical Theater “New Opera” as little Anastasia Romanova in opera “Anastasia”. In 2007 Liza played a role of a girl-Jesus in performance “The Pillowman” of Chekhov Moscow Art Academic Theater (director Kirill Serebrennikov).

She started filming since she was 4.

Official site of Liza Arzamasova:

Ivona (Princess Ivona)

Variety theatre: «Anny» (musical play) — Anny ( Chusova)
«Novaya Opera»: «Anastasia» (opera) — little Anastasia (international theatre project)
The Chekhov Theatre: «Man-pillow» — Jesus girl ( Serebrennikov)
Stanoslavsky Theatre: «Romeo&Juliet» — Juliet (dir. by Aldanin)
“The Sounds of Music” – Lisle von Trapp (dir by Pisarev)

The Shrine 2002
Only you, 2004 (series)
Ragin, 2004
Place under the sun, 2004
Horseman named Death, 2004
Lawyer, 2004-2008 (series)
Echelon, 2005 (series)
Private Detective, 2005 (series)
Wolf-hound, 2006
Hostage of the time, 2006
I am a detective, 2007 (series)
One’s own children, 2007
Father’s daughters, 2007-2009 (series)
p. Subbotina’s adult life 2007 (series)
Love and the city, 2009
The Brothers Karamazov, 2009 (series)
Ashtree Waltz, 2009
Pope, 2010
Benefit evening (Short film), 2010
Hedgehog from the fog, 2010
Dostoevsky, 2011

The audience award of the 9th Theatre Festival “Moscow Debuts” (2003-2004) (for the role of Anny in “Anny”)
Diploma and prize of the Moscow Premiere Festival for the best children role, 2006
Diploma for “The Talented work” on the 14th international children festival Artek
Laureate of the TEFI Awatd, 2008