Nikolay Pinigin

Laureate of the StatePrize of the Republicof BelarusPiniginNicholaywas borninAugust 6, 1957inRaisin(Ukraine).In 1979he graduated from theDirecting Department ofthe Belarusian Academy ofArts.In1979 – 1980he worked asa directorof the Belarusian TV, where he staged a TV drama performance “Nightdiligence” based on prose byK.Paustovsky(1979).From 1980to 1982 workedat the RussianTheatre named afterMaxim Gorkyin Minsk.In 1985 became adirectorof the NationalAcademic Theater named afterKupala.From 1985to 1987- a teacherof the department “Skills of actors andstage management”of the BelarusianAcademy of Arts.As a director teached atthe MoscowMaly Theatre(1982-1984), in Paris at “Courant D’Est” (France, 1995).Inthe years1998-2009- director ofthe Bolshoi DramaTheater (BDT).Since 2009- the artistic directorof the NationalAcademic Theater YankaKupala.