Vladimir Martynov

Vladimir Ivanovich Martynov (born 20 February, 1946 in Moscow) is a composer, philosopher, writer and a specialist in modern and ancient music. He graduated from The Moscow State Conservatory (composition department in 1970 and piano department in 1971).In 1975-1976 Martynov performed on the XIII-XIV century Italian and French music concerts as a flutist.In 1978 Martynov devoted himself to religious service. Today he teaches at The Trinity Lavra of St. Sergius Academy, works on deciphering and restoration of the Old Russian liturgical written monuments. Martynov studies these monuments in a number of monasteries and creates liturgical music based on the ancient canon. He also writes books and articles and participates in different academic conferences.In 2012 together with Y.Lyubimov took part as a composer in staging Dostoyevsky’s The Possessed.Official website http://www.vladimir-martynov.ru