Vladimir Vdovichenkov

Honored Artist of the Russian Federation.

Was born on August 13 in Gusev city of Kaliningrad region.

Honored citizen of Gusev city (2006).

In 2001 graduated from Acting Department of Gerasimov Institute of Cinematography (workshop of G. Taratorkin). Started filming when he was a student: secondary and leading roles. He enjoyed the first popularity after filming in television series “Brigade” and “Citizen Chief”. He worked in Mossovet Theater.

In 2003 he was admitted to the company of Evg. Vakhtangov Theater.

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Nomination “Man fatale” of The Seagull Award (for the role in The Royal Hunt) 2002

Note of acknowledgement from the Russian Ministry of Cultural Affairs for the contrubution in the treatre art development and in connection with the 90th enniversary of The Vakhtangov Theatre, 2011
The Mayor of Moscow Prize in the field of Literature and Performing Arts, 2012
The “Moskovsky Komsomolets” Theatre Prize (best supporting actor, the role of Retired Hussard, in the production of “Eugene Onegin”), 2013
Theatre Prize “Star of a Theatre-goer” (best supporting actor, the role of Retired Hussard, in the production of “Eugene Onegin”), 2013

Earl Orlov (The Royal Hunt)
Freddy Page (The Deep Blue sky)
Danny (The Truthful Legend of one quarter)
Astrov (Uncle Vanya)
Goustav (The Wind in the Poplars)
Retired Hussar(Eugene Onegin)

Don Juan (Art Partner ХХI)
Russian fest (The Taratorkin Workshop)
Twelfth Night (International Confederation of the Theatres)

The Border. The Taiga Love story,1999
The President and his granddaughter, 2000
Artist and master of show, 2000
The Turetsky’s March, 2001
Mister President , 2001
April, 2002
The Brigade, 2002
Burning Hot Saturday, 2002
The Beemer, 2003
The fifth angel, 2003
Kamenskaya-3, 2003 Sky and Earth, 2004
Starwatcher, 2004
The cadets, 2005
A Time To Gather Stones, 2005
The Beemer-2, 2006
Pragraph78, 2006
The Seventh Day, 2006
Demons, 2007
Racketeer, 2007
Scank, 2008
Heavy Sand, 2008
Taras Bulba. Zaporozhian Host, 2009
Kromov 2009
The Exit, 2009
Forbidden Realityt, 2009
If I loved you, 2010
Defence intelligence (series), 2010
Man near the window, 2010
Atonement, 2010
Our space (documentary), 2011
The White Guard, 2011
Once in Rostov, 2012
The Breach, 2012
August the 8th, 2012
The Scout, she, 2013
Running line, 2014
Goodbye, boys, 2014
Leviafan, 2014
Relatives, 2015
Motherland, 2015