Yuriy Zavadskiy

People’s Artist of the USSR, the USSR State Prizes Laureate, Hero of Socialist LabourYuriy Alexandrovich Zavadskiy was born on 13 July 1894 in a noble family. He studied at The Moscow University.In 1915 he entered Y.B. Vakhtangov’s Studio, where at first he worked as an artist, then as an actor and director.In 1924-1931 — the MAT actor.In 1924 he founded a Studio, which was later reorganized into Theatre-Studio under direction of Zavadskiy.In 1932-1935 — the Art Director of the Red Army Theatre. In 1936 -1940 — of the Rostov Theatre named after Gorky. Since 1940 — the chief director of the Moscow Mossovyet Theatre. Since 1940 Y.A. Zavadskiy actively taught in GITIS. Since 1947 – a professor.Having played his first parts — Antony (The Miracle of St. Antony, 1916) and Kalif (Princess Turandot, 1922) — under direction of Vakhtangov, Zavadskiy adopted his desire to elegant theatre form, festivity, lightness of the performance.Being an experienced director and teacher, Zavadskiy trained a number of outstanding actors: V. Maretskaya, N. Mordvinov, O. Аbdulov, R. Plyatta, etc. He created a drama school, which is remarkable for easy transformations and wide diapason of work — from dramatically tragic roles to farcial, buffon ones.Yuriy Alexandrovich Zavadskiy died on 5 April 1969.

Kalaf (Princess Turandot, 1922) – actor and director (production of Y.B. Vakhtangov)
Antony (The Miracle of St. Antony, 1916) – actor and director

Dali neoglyadnye, 1957
Masquerade, 1959
In summer the sky is high, 1960
Battle on the Way, 1958
Antey, 1961
The Storm, 1967
Petersburg Dreams (based on the novel by F. Dostoyevskiy “Crime and Punishment”), 1969