Friedrich Durrenmatt

Romulus the Great


Director - Ulanbek Bayaliev

2 hours 30 minutes with 1 intermission

Friedrich Durrenmatt is one of the best dramatists of the post-World War II world. Tragic sense of life prevailed. Doubts if there were any moral and ethical values left after such a catastrophe, far more doubts if there was any chance for improvement, – made the genre of tragicomedy extremely popular.

Romulus the Great deals with one of the central politico-moral themes of Durrenmatt’s thinking: the question of whether a ruler has the right to betray the country he governs in order to save that country from itself. What’s more important: the prosperity of nation or one individual life? Is the sacrifice necessary? And at all: who can be the judge?

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New Stage

Premiere was on 21 December 2020