Simonov Platform

The Simonov platform, opened in 2017, was totally reconstructed and equipped at the expense of the Vakhtangov Theatre. This playhouse was named after two great Russian directors of the XX century, father and son, Ruben and Eugene Simonovs.

Ruben Simonov was a student of Eugene Vakhtangov, he was developing his teacher’s ideas and leading the Vakhtangov Theatre for about 30 years. Eugene Simonov became his successor, in 1980-s he established a small playhouse opposite the main entrance of the Vakhtangov Theatre. In the times of Eugene Simonov this theatre was successful but later the theatregoers abandoned it.

After the general reconstruction the Simonov platform is equipped with two auditoriums: the Chamber stage and the Amphitheatre. The first performance at the renewed Simonov platforme was staged by Ekaterina Simonova, a talented actress and director, Eugene Simonov’s granddaughter.

Stage Plan (Chamber Stage)

Stage Plan (“Amphitheatre“)

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