13 summer projects

2 July 2020

The general manager of the Vakhtangov Theatre Kirill Krok described the 13 urgent projects for the summer holidays. We’re getting prepared to the 100th season since the Vakhtangov Theatre turns 99 years old in November 2020. And of course, we are already planning the centenary of our theatre.

“13” is a lucky number for our theatre since it’s founder Eugene Vakhtangov was born on the 13th of February 1883. Then the theatre was opened on the 13th of November 1921.

So, our summer “to do list” includes:

  1. To establish a new monument to Eugene Vakhtangov at Arbat street next to our theatre;
  2. To renew the upper stage machinery totally of the historical stage;
  3. To refinish parquet floors;
  4. To renew the whole electrical system of the Main house;
  5. To arrange a new lighting system at the fly-floors;
  6. To reorganize several rooms: we need some extra space for the costumes’ storage;
  7. To reorganize phone and internet lines at the ground floor of the main house;
  8. To renew stage lighting in the front-of-house;
  9. To finalize the sound equipment of the Grand Foyer of the historical house under the supervision of our chief sound director Ruslan Knushevitsky;
  10. To install outdoor LED screens at the façade of the main house instead of old light boxes;
  11. To reorganize and optimize the props storage;
  12. To finalize the modern safe light-bridge at the historical stage according to our artistic leader Rimas Tuminas’s idea;
  13. To finish the first phase of our culture heritage project – establishing the museum of Eugene Vakhtangov at his fatherland in Vladikavkaz.

Kirill Krok, the general manager: Our theatre is our home. Everyone would agree: we all need our homes to be bright, beautiful and safe. We usually have lots of work to do, so the visitors of our theatre could feel that they are welcome indeed.