April 25 – Anniversary of People’s Artist of the USSR Yuri Yakovlev!

24 April 2013

Congratulations from Vakhtangov company to Yury Yakovlev.Dear Yuri!Happy anniversary!Our mostunforgettable experience is associated withyour creativity : Chekhov, Triletsky, Mayor, Pantalone,  Glumov, Glembay, Karenin, Casanova, Dudukin… and each of them contain aparticleof your souland talent.Whateverthe numbers ofthe dateof  birth are,your voice, your look, energy of thought, charm and dignity, remain unfailing.You are generously gifted by God, your longevity is not only due to the nature.

Constant labor,intelligence and harmony of the soul – are main components of magic of a great artist.Your acting captures the audience on each performance!Your co-workers, captives and fans.Many wishes of good health to youfor years to come.You are a wonderfulman.Vakhtangov company.