Tours o f the Vakhtangov Theatre in Smolensk city.

27 August 2013

The Vakhtangov Theatre goes on tour in Smolensk,  that celebrates  its  1150 years  anniversary.

The participation in a vast celebration of Smolyans – is a joyous occasion for the Vakhtangov theatre.  Actors going on tour – People’s  Artist of  the USSR Vladimir Etush , People’s Artist of  the USSR Vasily Lanovoi ,  People’s  Artist of  Russia  Irina   Kupchenko , People’s Artist of  Russia Yevgeny Knyazev,  Honored Artist of  Russia Yulia Rutberg , Honored Artist of  Russia  Anna  Dubrovskaja .

Among the directors of  the productions are: the winner of the State Prize of   Russia  Rimas Tuminas,  Honored  Artist of  Russia  Vladimir Ivanov,  one  of   the  most renowned choreographers in  Lithuania,  associate  professor  of  Lithuanian  Academy of  Music and Theatre Angelika Cholina,  Sergey  Yashin,  whose performance on the Vakhtangov stage is sold out for more than 14 years  and Michael Tsitrinyak –  the director of  “Medea”, which became a bestseller of  Vakhtangov scene.On the eve of the anniversary of the city, from August 28 to  September 1,  the theatre is going to present seven performances at once:In Smolensk State Drama Theater named after  S. Griboyedov  will be presented:August  28, 29 – “Anna Karenina “August  30 – “Okaemovs’ lifetime”August  31 – “The last moons”September 1 – “Dedication to Eve”In the Chamber Theatre:August  28, 29 – “Medee”August  30 and 31 – “My Motherland Silent”September 1 – “Matryona’s Place”The tour is organized due to support of  the  Ministry of  Culture of  the  Russian  Federation,  which  makes  it  possible to  please  Smolensk  theatre – goes  with  tickets  at  affordable prices.