V. Lanovoy awarded the Order “V.Mayakovsky”.

22 November 2013

V. Lanovoy is an acknowledged master of artistic expression. He considers Russian classics a fundamental principle of everything. It is the classics that lays those roots that connect into one tight knot all generations.Poetic power organically entered the creative life of V. Lanovoy. Literary and poetry readings on the works of  Russian classics have become a good tradition for the actor. His
favorite poets are A. Pushkin and V. Mayakovsky, whom he calls his
“spiritual bible” and whom he can’t  do without at  his literary-concert  artistic evenings.When
it came to teaching, Lanovoi chose his most loved and favorite subjects
– artistic expression. Vasyly is a Head of the Department of artistic
expression and is a professor at the Theatre School named after
B.Shchukin for many years.For
his loyalty to artistic expression, for selfless work in the field of
literature the Patriotic Union of  Writers of  Russia awarded V. Lanovoi
the  Order “V. Mayakovsky”.