We deeply regret to announce that tonight People’s Artist of the USSR Yury Yakovlev died in Moscow.

30 November 2013

A great actor has
passed away, a man of exceptional nobility and dignity,

whose worship to the
art is an example of selfless devotion.Yuri Yakovlev was a man of remarkable erudition, education and intelligence.His life was filled with everyday creativity.His roles in theater and cinema have become a classic.Multi-genre of his work is an evocation of talent and persuasiveness.Yuri Yakovlev is an embodiment of a whole epoch in arts.He belonged to Vakhtangov school and was an idol of many generations.He is a pride of Russian culture.He fascinated by his originality, his talent was inspirational and limitless.Yuri Yakovlev lived a happy creative life.It is difficult to talk about him using the Past tense; it is impossible to
reconcile with this loss.Yury Yakovlev will remain forever in our hearts and our memories.He IS forever.A farewell ceremony for the People’s Artist of the USSR Y. Yakovlev was held in
the Vakhtangov Theater on December 3 from 10.00 to 13.00.The funeral was held on the same day at the Novodevichy Cemetery in Moscow .