Extensive tour of the Vakhtangov Theatre in Buryatia.

29 August 2014

An extensive tour of the Vakhtangov Theatre in Ulan-Ude is held in the framework of the project “The Big tour. Russian theatre summer 2014”, organized by the Federal Theatre Tour Support Center of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation with the participation of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Buryatia. In anticipation of the new 94th season, on September 1-8, 2014 in one of the largesttheatre centersof Eastern Siberiaeight performancesof the VakhtangovTheater will be performed.

The population of Buryatia, will have a chance to see productions, that make the pride and the cement of theatre’s repertoire: “Eugene Onegin” (scenes from the novel by Alexander Pushkin), “Uncle Vanya” Anton Chekhov, “Anna Karenina” (choreographic performance based on the novel by Leo Tolstoy), “Dedication to Eve” E.-E. Schmitt, “Common Business” by Rey Cooney, “Medea” by Zh.Annouilh, “Games of the lonely” N. Simon, “My quiet homeland …” (concert performance).

The performances will be held on the stage of the Buryat Academic Drama Theatre named after H. Namsaraeva and at the Russian Drama Theater named after N.Bestuzhev.

Such outstanding actors as People’sArtist of the USSRVasily Lanovoi, People’s Artist of Russia IrinaKupchenko, People’s Artist of Russia LyudmilaMaksakova, People’s Artist of Russia SergeiMakovetskii, People’s Artist ofRussiaVladimir Simonov, People’s Artist of Russia YevgenyKnyazev,People’s Artist ofRussiaAlexei Guskov, Honored Artist of RussiaYuliaRutberg, Honored Artist of RussiaLydiaVelezheva,ViktorDobronravov, EugeniaKregzhde, Gregory Antipenkoand many others have come on tour.

Among thedirectors – awinner of the StatePrize of RussiaRimasTuminas, Honored Artist of RussiaVladimir Ivanov, choreographer, lecturer of Lithuanian Academyof Music and TheatreAngelikaCholina, SergeiYashin, People’s Artist of Russia, whose performanceisonthe Vakhtangov stage with constant sold outsfor 15 years, andMichaelTsitrinyak– an author of “Medea”, which became one of the bestsellers of the Vakhtangov theatrerepertoire.

The program ofthe tour is rich with various workshops andmeetings. Such actors asL. Maksakova, V.Lanovoi, M.Aronova, Y.Rutberg, G. Antipenko will become their guests. E.Knyazev has planned a meeting with studentsof theatreuniversities.Artistic directorRimasTuminasand directors-Vladimir Ivanov, Angelica Cholinaand MikhailTsitrinyak will hold a round tablewith the creative intellectuals ofUlan-Ude. Theater director K.Krok will give a lecture onmodern legislationfor the theatreandthe theatremanagementforthe theatre directors. The program ofthe tourcontains a series ofpress-conferencesfor eachofthe scheduledproductions.

The head of the Federal Theatre Tour Support Center Eugenia Shermeneva reported that the center aims to show the main theatres of the federal level in the regions on the maximum extent possible. The Vakhtangov Theatre tour is a significant project which should have an impact on the region and align the cultural level between the region and the capital. All the money raised from the ticket sales will remain for the local venues, which is a good support for them.