October 13 opening ceremony of the monument to Vakhtangov.

14 October 2014

October 13, 2014 in the courtyard of the Boris Shchukin Theatre Institute an opening ceremony of the first Moscow monument to the prominent actor, director and teacher, founder of the Vakhtangov Theater, Eugene Vakhtangov was held.

The creator of the monument is a young sculptor of the Grekov Military Artists Studio Alexey Ignatov. The opening ceremony is organized in the framework of the celebrations of the 100th anniversary of the Shchukin Theatre School. The money for the construction of the monument were raised by the fund “Sodeistvie”.

The event was attendedby the Minister of Cultureof the Russian FederationVladimir Medinskiy, the Deputy Mayor forSocial DevelopmentLeonidPechatnikov, current studentsand graduatesof the previous years: People’s Artist ofthe USSRVasily Lanovoi; theRectorof theBoris Shchukin Institute, People’s Artist of Russia YevgenyKnyazev; People’s Artist of Russia NataliaSelezneva,People’s Artist ofthe RSFSRAlexander Shirvindt, People’s Artist ofRussiaKonstantin Raikin, People’s Artist of Russia LeonidYarmolnik, People’s Artist of Russiaand theMoscow City Duma deputyfrom the party “United Russia” Yevgeny Gerasimovand many others.

Moreover, the Vakhtangov actors shared their dream of creating of the theatre alley of fame named after E.Vakhtangov, where the monuments to all the prominent actors and directors of the Vakhtangov Theatre will be exposed.