Opening of the monument to the Honored Artist of Russia Galina Konovalova – the legend of the Vakhtangov Theater.

18 September 2015

September 21, at 10.00 a.m. a monument opening to the Honored Artist of Russia G.Konovalova was held at the Vagankovo cemetery.

Galina Lvovna Konovalova has devoted 76 years of life to her beloved Vakhtangov Theater, without which she couldn’t imagine her life. Until the very last days, she performed her parts on the Vakhtangov stage. During the Second World War Galina Lvovna was evacuated to the city of Omsk together with the all the theater company, she returned to Moscow in June 1945 along with her colleagues. The acting repertoire of Galina Lvovna counts more than fifty roles, performed in productions over the years. Her creative life in the recent years, thanks to director Rimas Tuminas, was filled with special meaning. Konovalova has been noticed as an actress of acute form, a rare emotional contagion. Her parts in the productions of “Uncle Vanya”, “The Haven”, “Eugene Onegin”, “Common Business” were highly appreciated by both the press and the audience. In later life, the Actress has experienced an incredible spring of creativity. Since 1982, Galina Lvovna was a company director at the Vakhtangov Theatre. Galina Konovalova passed away September 21, 2014, and was buried on the Vagankovo cemetery. The construction and installation of the monument is fully funded by the Vakhtangov Theater from its own money earned.