Celebrating the International Theatre Day! The Vakhtangov Theatre: Day after Day

22 March 2016

The THREE MAIN EVENTS of the International Theatre Day (celebrated annually on March, 27) at the Vakhtangov Theatre

March, 31. 14:00. The opening ceremony of the memorial museum of Eugeniy Vakhtangov, the establisher of our Theatre.

The museum is opening at the last apartment of Eugeniy Vakhtangov at 12, Denezhniy pereulok (there Vakhtangov lived in 1918 — 1922).

The apartment was renovated by the efforts of the Vakhtangov Theatre and was equipped with the unique historical objects and letters from the Theatre archive. The very first museum materials were collected and kept by Nadezhda Vakhtangov, the widow of the genius director, and their son Sergey.

The ceiling was restored and the beautiful fretwork of the Vakhtangov times can be seen again, as well as the walls, the floor, the whole place is returned to its original look. Now we can enter the very apartment where Evgeniy Vakhtangov had been working, thinking, meeting his friends and his colleagues and apprentices — the people, who had an incredible influence on the Russian culture of the XX centaury.

There is a permanent exposition in the museum now: the letters signed by Konstantin Stanislavsky, by Vladimir Nemirovich-Danchenko, portraits, photos, furniture. There are also two original manuscripts by Marina Tsvetaeva, a famous Russian poet of the Art Nouveau times.

The nearest excursions in the Vakhtangov memorial apartment are planned to April, 2016. We are going to publish the schedule and sell tickets at our web-site and in the box-office.

March, 31. 15:30. The opening ceremony of the exhibition of the Vakhtangov Actors Painted Portraits. The project is a co-production of the Vakhtangov Theatre and “Zolotoy Ples” Art Gallery. The

Among the participants of the Art Project are: Vladimir Etush, Vyacheslav Shalevich, Irina Kupchenko, Maria Aronova, Evgeny Knyazev, Sergey Makovetskiy, Vladimir Simonov, Aleksei Guskov, Yury Shlykov, Viktor Sukhorukov, Elena Sotnikova, Lidia Velezhova, Marina Esipenko, Yulia Rutberg, Andrey Ilyin,  Eugenia Kregzhde, Viktor Dobronravov, Aleksandr Oleshko, Mariya Volkova and the artistic director of the Theatre Rimas Tuminas. All portraits are created with love and respect towards the Vakhtangov artists.

A special aesthetics, detailed arrangement and precise work with characters — these are the main details of the paintings by Sergey Aldushkin, Irina Ganina, Yulia Blinova, Natalia Zaitseva, Olga Kurilova, Anton Lobov, Anastasia Lobova, Nadezhda Lykova.

The spirit, strength and expression of the paintings show the approach of the masters to the Russian Art culture of previous centuries.

The exhibition at the grand lounge of the theatre is scheduled till April, 25.

After that date the collection “The Vakhtangov Actors: Painted Portraits” is going on tours around different national and international museums. We hope that it will be one of the remarkable pages in the history of the Russian Art and Theatre.

March, 31. 16:00. The general manager of the Vakhtangov State Academic Theatre of Russia Kirill Krok is making the presentation of the Fitness Centre for the actors and staff of the Vakhtangov Theatre.

The Fitness Centre is  located in the building of the New Stage of the Theatre and is established according to the social policy of the Vakhtangov Theatre. It is equipped with all necessary facilities.