The Old New Year festivity at the Vakhtangov Theatre

14 January 2017

The artistic director of the Vakhtangov Theatre Rimas Tuminas congratulated his colleagues and friends with his trademark wisdom and irony. He quoted a famous verse by Robert Burns:

A twelve-month of trouble, should that be my fall,

A night of good fellowship solders (mends) it all:When at the blythe end of our journey at last,Who the Devil ever thinks of the road he has past?Blind Chance, let her stumble and stagger on her way,Be it to me, be it from me, even let the old woman go!Come Ease or come Travail, come Pleasure or Pain,My worst word is: ‘Welcome, and welcome again!’

Kirill Krok, the Vakhtangov Theatre general manager expressed his best wishes to the theatre team and his belief that good luck and success wait upon those who work hard and who are entirely devoted to the profession. In Vakhtangov’s house love, dedication and creation reign for nearly a century and will be reigning forever.