Mystic ‘MASQUERADE’ by Rimas Tuminas in New York

12 June 2019

The performance ‘Masquerade’ based on a drama in verse by one of the finest Romantic poets of the XIX century Mikhail Lermontov uncovers an uncomfortable truth about moralities of the modern society. Everyone has a mask: some pretend to be kind, some pretend to be generous, noble, sincere, brave…

What an attractive, subtle and dangerous space is the world of masquerade! There are numerous intrigues, love affairs, political games, gambling, lost and found opportunities, shining of false diamonds and fine crystal. A lie cleverly masked to resemble truth and a truth that sounds like a lie. Gossips are everywhere. Words kill. Sometimes — literally.

Masquerade is a dream. You discover the meaning of it with the last chord of the waltz.

Rimas Tuminas’s ‘Masquerade’ is a tragifarce, a sad Commedia dell’Arte with splendid actors, entrancing music and sense of snowy mysterious Saint-Petersburg in the design.