The results of the 98th Vakhtangov Theatre season (2018-2019)

6 September 2019

The General Manager of the Vakhtangov Theatre Kirill Krok presented the results of the 98th Vakhtangov Theatre season (2018-2019) at the opening of the new season. Here are some numbers.

During the 98th season (2018-2019) the Vakhtangov Theatre productions were shown in Moscow 906 times (in total).

Among them:

At the Main (historical) stage: 225 showings
At the New stage: 263 showings
At the Art-Cafe: 163 showings
At the Studio stage:  87 showings
At the Simonov playhouse: 168 showings

There were 298 516 spectators in Moscow in the season 2018-2019. We were 95,9% full.

Our productions were shown on tour 79 times.

Among them:

In Russia: 43 times.
Abroad: 36 times. We’ve visited: Latvia, Estonia, Israel, Italy, Hungary, China, the USA, Canada and Belarus.

Kirill Krok also reminded the auditory about the awards and other significant achievements of the dernier season. After that he announced the future touring plans.

During 2019-2020 the Vakhtangov theatre is going on tour abroad to:

Azerbaijan (September’19)
France (September-October’19)
Germany (October’19)
Belarus (November’19 and March’20)
Turkey (November’19)
Lithuania (November’19)
Israel (March’20)
China (June’20)

We’re also in a course of in a negotiation process with Australia.

We will visit several Russian cities during the 99th theatre season certainly.