Vakhtangov Theatre turns 100 in 2021

21 February 2020

The 100th Anniversary of the Vakhtangov theatre is regarded as an event of national importance. According to the Decree #365 (signed on the 2d of August, 2019) of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin in 2020 – 2021 there should be a number of events devoted to the Anniversary.

At the moment the programme is being developed but the main events are already signed up. There will be new shows, excursion and educational programmes, festivals and professional conferences on theatre arts and management. The Anniversary events include World Tour of the Vakhtangov Theatre that started in autumn 2019 in Paris (France). And a very special project: the Vakhtangov Theatre intends to establish a Vakhtangov Cultural Center at Vladikavkaz, the Fatherland of Eugene Vakhtangov, the establisher of our theatre.