Anniversary Light Show

15 January 2021

The Vakhtangov Theatre turns 100 this year. We’ll celebrate our centenary 0n 13 November, 2021.

We respect our origins and the founder of the Theatre Eugene Vakhtangov deeply. Preserving and collecting historical information constantly, we keep modernising our machinery and follow the best available technologies.

This light show was performed at the opening of the 100-th season (2020/2021). It is designed to demonstrate the totally renewed stage lighting in the front-of-house, the modern upper stage machinery and the sound equipment of the historical house (finalised under the supervision of our chief sound director Ruslan Knushevitsky). Music for the anniversary light show was written by the genius composer, our great friend Faustas Latenas. Light designers: Ruslan Mayorov, Alexander Matveev.

We’d like to share a record with you: