Nonna Grishaeva returns to ‘Mademoiselle Nitouche’ as Denise

16 October 2019

This is not a debut, actually. The famous Russian actress Nonna Grishaeva (‘Radio Day’, ‘Daddy’s Daughters’, ‘Election Day’, ‘A man with a guarantee’) is the first performer of Denise in the production directed by Vladimir Ivanov. She played Denise, a girl in the convent in 2004. Later on she returned in ‘Mademoiselle Nitouche’ as Corinne, Operetta’s prima. According to the original plan, on the 16th of October 2019 Elizabeth Palkina, a young talented student of  Boris Shchukin Theatre Institute, was intended to play Denise. Unfortunately, Elisabeth caught severe cold last night when she premiered as Denise. So, we asked Nonna Grishaeva to play the starring role once again after all this time. A classic operetta plot comes to real life but not a debutant plays instead of prima but a celebrity helps out and plays instead of a student.  And we believe that spectators will be surprised and overwhelmed by this extraordinary night.