Promenade Theatre ‘Vakhtangov. On the way to Turandot’

25 May 2021

We are glad to introduce a new experimental production ‘Vakhtangov. On the way to Turandot’.

The audience is encouraged to walk from the Teatralnaya Square (in front of the Bolshoy Theatre), through Kamergerskiy Lane and Tverskaya street towards Arbat street and the Vakhtangov Theatre. At the terrace of the Vakhtangov Theatre spectators are welcomed at the traditional Russian tea drinking. During the whole site-specific production (including the tea-drinking part) the audience is listening an acoustic performance.

The characters of the audio play are Eugene Vakhtangov, his famous teacher and creator of the world-acclaimed Method Konstantin Stanislavsky, brilliant theatre manager Vladimir Nemirovich-Danchenko, Mikhail Chekhov, Maxim Gorkiy, Anatoliy Lunacharcky and many others. They are performed by contemporary Vakhtangov actors and directors.

This site-specific performance is brand new for the Vakhtangov Theatre and very unusual for Russian audience. Though we’ve already received many comments from interested theatre-goers at our pages in Social Media.

The premiere is to be held on the 29th of May, 2021. The date is not random: Eugene Vakhtangov died aged 39 from cancer on the 29th of May, 1922. It was just 3 months after the first night of the ‘Princess Turandot’ by Carlo Gozzi. That very performance which made Eugene Vakhtangov remembered forever as a genius theatre director.