Ready for the new season!

6 August 2020

General manager Kirill Krok shows our improvements to journalists. Some renewals can be seen only when theatre is operating. But others are evident right now.

For example, the platform for the monument to Eugene Vakhtangov outside the Vakhtangov Theatre is ready. The sculpture will be unveiled in September at the traditional gathering of our team at the beginning of the new season.

We installed outdoor LED screens at the façade of the main house instead of old-fashioned light boxes.

The storage of sets was also reorganised and optimised. We are a repertory theatre that has about 20 productions at the historical stage and each night we play a different show. So, we need to change sets every day and a big and comfortable storage close to the stage is crucially important for us.

The parquet floors were refinished. We also cleaned and renewed a bit the chairs but we cannot replace them. The historical appearance had to be carefully preserved.

The new upper stage equipment will perform the best of light, sound and video projection in the 100-th season.

The Vakhtangov Theatre is going to welcome spectators for the first time since the lockdown on the 15th of September. We are going to re-open with capacity reduction to 50% to ensure social distancing. The rehearsals are in progress already.