Rimas Tuminas staged ‘Ghosts’ in Venice

3 February 2022

Rimas Tuminas presents ‘SPETTRI’ after Henrik Ibsen at the Teatro Stabile del Veneto – Teatro Goldoni (Venice).

Premiered at 3 – 6 of February, 2022.

Rimas Tuminas’ constant co-authors are set designer Adomas Jacovskis and choreographer Anzhelika Kholina, as well as assistant director Gabriella Tuminaite and assistant translator Alina Frolenko.

The show comprises music by Faustas Latènas, Giedrius Puskunigis, Jean Sibelius, Georges Bizet.

Director’s notes by Rimas Tuminas


The story develops around the clash between Helene (played by Andrea Jonasson) and her son Osvald (Gianluca Merolli), a clash that brings up old family sins.

“The truth is the hardest thing to reveal,” says director Rimas Tuminas and in this production, not only the unveiling of family secrets is well represented, but also the externalisation of the ghosts that hide and live within us all.

The “ghosts” are illusions that people build from their weaknesses, we glorify our fears and praise the effigies of our executioners. “Ghosts” are the lies we adopt and pass on to our children.

This show is a story of liberation from the ghosts that chase us.

Illusions collapse, cruel truths are revealed, and the image of the ideal family shatters, revealing each member to the free individual as he is. Regaining one’s independence through overcoming illusions, as a woman and as a mother, becomes the only possible way to freedom.

Ibsen’s female characters have something astounding and extraordinary, they are among the most powerful in the theatrical world. We are faced with a woman who he sees clearly, acts with courage, reveals lies and is infallible in her judgment. she is capable of sacrificing everything in the name of truth.

Info and tickets: https://www.teatrostabileveneto.it/events/event/spettri-venezia/