Romulus the Great starring Vladimir SIMONOV

24 December 2020

The prominent young theatre director Ulanbek Bayaliev stages the famous tragicomedy by Friedrich Durrenmatt casting Vladimir Simonov for Romulus, the last Roman emperor.

Vladimir Simonov is the National Artist of the Russian Federation. He is starring in lots of theatre productions and movies. He is one of the most required actors because of his outstanding drama and comedy talent and special artistic nobility. His ability to influence the audience, to perform ambivalent and vigorous characters is fantastic.

About the show:

Romulus the Great deals with one of the central politico-moral themes of Durrenmatt’s thinking: the question of whether a ruler has the right to betray the country he governs in order to save that country from itself. What’s more important: the prosperity of nation or one individual life? Is the sacrifice necessary? And at all: who can be the judge?