Team reunion after a long vacation. A monument to Eugene Vakhtangov to be unveiled soon!

1 September 2020

The monument to Eugene Vakhtangov is to be  unveiled  on September 14.

The statue was designed by a famous Russian sculptor, a full member of the Russian Academy of Arts Alexander Rukavishnikov, the chief designer of the Vakhtangov Theatre Maxim Obrezkov and noted Russian architect Igor Voskresensky. The monument is dedicated to the upcoming centenary of our theatre. The Vakhtangov Theatre turns 100 on November 13, 2021.

Curtain that covers the monument to Eugene Vakhtangov will be lifted soon!

The first part of the gathering is to be held outside the theatre at Arbat street. After the ceremony we’ll enter the theatre. The Vakhtangov Theatre company, our friends, colleagues and journalists will gather at the Main Stage.

We are going to discuss the previous season and announce our plans for the season 2020-2021, which will be the 100-me for our theatre.

The 99th season was unusually short due to the Covid-19. Still, we made a lot. The project of the Vakhtangov cultural centre at Vladikavkaz is launched. Modern sound system is integrated into the historical playhouse. The Main Stage is equipped with new electric flying bars and we are going to make a technical demonstration on September 14. This will be a very short show but we believe it’s impressive and interesting.