Theatre endures

11 November 2020

Theatres all over the world experience difficult times nowadays.

According to the latest Government recommendations we should not exceed 25% of the total occupancy.

What does it mean for our spectators? Should they expect another closure?

The Vakhtangov theatre announces: no, we shall endure. We promise to carry on performing. 

Kirill Krok, the general manager:

We shall not close the theatre. We’ll continue performing for 25% of our playhouse. The Vakhtangov theatre didn’t cancel performances even during the Great Patriotic war. People needed hope and art then. We do need it now when times are hard but not that horrible as in 1941 — 1945.  This is not the subject of calculations. For our financial state  it would be easier to lock down. When we perform — we have to fully cover the costs of the performance (all necessary payments, all fees, and so on). And we cannot earn enough now. But again: we do not discuss economy now. If it’s more safe to reduce occupancy — let it be.

All visitors are welcome! See you at the theatre!