Tour in Irkutsk

22 August 2023

“BOLSHIE GASTROLI’ (or in English ‘GRAND TOUR’) is a Russian state project started by the Russian Ministry of Culture Federal Centre for Support of Touring Activities. It’s mission is to unite cultural space. ‘GRAND TOUR’ includes 85 regions on Russia. It also has an international branch.

From 29/08/2023 till 03/09/2023 the Vakhtangov Theatre is on tour in Irkutsk. Irkutsk is the 25th-largest city in Russia by population (over 600 000 people), the fifth-largest in the Siberian Federal District, and one of the largest cities in Siberia.

We bring to Siberia 5 productions:

‘Eugene Onegin’ 29/08, 20/08

‘Uncle Vanya’ 31/08, 01/09

‘Romulus the Great’ 02/09, 03/09

‘Our class’ 31/08, 01/09

‘Crawfish cry’ 02/09, 03/09