Marianna Vertinskaya

Honored Artist of RussiaMarianne A. Vertinskaya was born on July 28, 1943 in Shanghai (China).She has graduated from the Theater School in 1966 named after B. Shchukin in the stream of AI. Borisov. The same year she was admitted to the troupe named after Eugene Vakhtangov.”She knows how to be not only attractive, but also repulsive, she is not afraid to work on public, sharpen the picture, overact” (Novikov).

Turandot (The princess Turandot)
The Roman (Dion)
Baba (Virineya)
Adelaide (Idiot)
Frosya (Artem)
Zoe (Hello, Crimea)
Marchioness (Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme)
Lily Yurchenko (Youth Theatre)
Rena (Woman Behind the Green Door)
Irina (From the Life of a business woman)
Angelica (Lord Glembai)
Augustine (Summer in Nohant)
Actress (Cabinet history)
Anfisa Pafilovna (Marriage of Balzaminova)
Lydia Pavlovna. (Barbarians)
Vivian Buaser (Cheers)

Leap Year, 1961
I am twenty years old, 1965
Town of Masters, 1966
Roll call, 1966
His name was Robert, 1967
And no one else, 1968
Love, 1968-90
Seven Brides of Corporal Zbruev, 1971
Boss, 1971
End of the Lubavins, 1971
Captain Nemo, 1975
Day of family celebration, 1976
Hoard, 1977
Death under Sail, 1977
Foam, 1979
Lonely Woman is looking for dating, 1986
Woman in the Sea, 1992