Nikolay Emelyanov

Nikolai Mikhailovich Emelianov was born on December 19, 1915.He graduated from the Theatre School named after BV Shchukin in 1941.He worked in the theater of Eugene Vakhtangov from 1940 till 1950.Later he served in the Moscow Theatre of the Lenin Komsomol Moscow Theater of Satire and the Moscow regional drama theater.Nikolai Mikhailovich Emelianov died on October 20, 1982.

Palych (Oleko Dundich, 1942)
Guardsman (Cyrano de Bergerac, 1942)
Sergei Gorlov (Front, 1942)

Big Family, 1954
Vanya, 1958
Hot Shower, 1959
The same age as the century, 1960
Trainers (short), 1961
I am twenty years old, 1962-1964
Comrade Arseny, 1964
Born in Revolution, 1976
Coming, 1977