Brusov Lane


1 hour 50 minutes without intermission

Premiered on the 22d of November, 2018.

Andrey Maksimov, playwright and director:

“Since I announced the future at the Vakhtangov theatre to be based  on Valery Brusov poetry, I was frequently questioned if the play has anything to do with our realities.

We, people, are ridiculous creatures. We do believe that we are rational, while we trust our feelings much more than the reason. And the feelings are sincere.

I adore Valery Brusov’s prose and poetry. I adore the mystery and the detective plot in this story, and the way it connects with the profound philosophy.

Let me express my gratitude to the Vakhtangov theatre team and to those who believed in the project.

True love, real and fake emotions – these are eternal themes. That’s why Valery Brusov’s prose and poetry is actual”.

Running time: 1 hours 50 min with no intermission.

The play is recommended for audience older than 16 years (16 +).

New Stage

Premiere was on 22 November 2018

Characters & Cast:

Наталья Olga Tumaikina
Модест Никандрович Илецкий Игорь Карташёв
Володя Yryi Polyak
Следователь Vitalys Semenovs
Лида Ekaterina Kramzina


Set & costumes designer Maxim Obrezkov
Music Faustas Latenas
Choreographer Татьяна Докукина
Light designer Ruslan Mayorov
Make-up designer Olga Kalyavina
Sound director Davletov Daniil
Assistant director Irina Goroshkova