Olga Tumaikina

Honored Artist of the Russian Federation

Graduated from B.V. Schukin Theater School in 1995,  course of  A.A. Kazanskaya.

In the same year was admitted to the company of  Evg. Vakhtangov Theater.

Bandit (Ali Baba and forty thieves )
Fia (Lady without camellias)
Mashka (Lefty)
Judith Fellows (Iguana’s Night)
Clarice (King-deer)
Sofia Farpukhina (Uncle’s dream)
Pronya (If you run after two hares……)
2nd yound lady, lady from a fashion shop (The Queen of Spades)
Polina Andreevna (The seagull)
Kashkina (Last summer in Chulimsk)
M-le George (Frederick of the Crime Boulevard)
Varvara Maloshina (The little demon)
Dolores Ramirez (Truthful story of one quarter)
Tselovanieva (Just people)
Fey Meduek (Games of the lonely)
Kabanicha (Storm)
Toinette (The Imaginary Invalid)

Fedra. Golden head (Theatre of Nations)
Happy Smith (Art Partner ХХI century)
Nanny with sharp teeth (Lina Arifullina’s project)
Joke (Theatre company “Art-salon”)
The Duchess of Marlborough (Conspiracy English)

Impostors (all seasons),1998-2002
Empire under the threat, 2000
New Year in November, 2000
Life is full of fun, 2001
Poisons, or The World History of Poisoning (реж. К. Шахназаров), 2001
Moscow. Central District 2003
Island without love, 2003
Russian terror, 2003
Wonders in Reshetovo, 2004
The Girls, 2005
Cops Fights-2, 2005
Lyuba, Children and Plant, 2006
Lawyer 2006-2010
Cat’s Waltz, 2006
Jenskaya Liga (comedy show), 2006-2010
House in mess, 2007
Law and order: Criminal intent (1-2 seasons), 2007
Vanished empire, 2008
My fair nanny 2. After the wedding, 2008
A Very Russian detective, 2008
Jurov, 2009
Cream, 2009
Kakraki, 2009
Criminal Investigation. Simple guys 2, 2009
Once in the police, 2010
Detective Samovarov, 2010
Bodyguard 3, 2010
Happiness (dir by Bekmambetov, Gabrielidze), 2010
Southern calendar (dir bt Karro), 2010
Kolotilov, 2010
New Year Trees, 2010
Kiss through the wall, 2011
True story, 2011
The Chugunsk Style, 2012
Apple spas, 2012
What can girls 2013
Tree 3 (anthology), 2013
Single by contract (Ukraine, in production)
Teachers, 2014
Champions, 2014
Belovodye. Mystery of the lost country, 2015
Lyudmila Gurchenko, 2015