Jubilee Day

7 hours without intermission

The Vakhtangov Theatre turns 100 on November 13, 2021. The anniversary celebration will be held in an unusual format.

From 12:00 to 19:00, we shall open the Theatre for everyone. As the artistic director of the theatre Rimas Tuminas promised at the traditional company gathering at the beginning of this season, we will not perform anything on the Jubilee Day.

No need to sign up or register. Free admission.

Throughout the day, actors will welcome guests in the foyer.

Rimas Tuminas:

What will happen on the anniversary, November 13? – Nothing and everything at the same time. The lights will be on, we will open the doors of the historical stage.

Let’s listen to the voices of those who were at the Vakhtangov Theatre before us. The former generations of Vakhtangov actors. They will be heard as if from recordings on an old tape. Perhaps, we even won’t recognise many of them This will be the day of our history.

Main Stage

Premiere was on 13 November 2021