45 different shades


Evening with Olga TUMAIKINA: 45 different shades

The director of the evening (which is actually a solo performance) is Mikhail Tsitriniak.

Olga Tumaikina is one of the leading actresses of the Vakhtangov company. Her theatre career started with the part of Adelma (the legendary performance ‘Princess Turandot’ after Carlo Gozzi). She became popular amongst theatre-goers performing in ‘Seagull’ after Anton Chekhov, ‘Chasing Two Hares’ after Mykhailo Starytsky, ‘Frederick or the Crime Boulevard’ after Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt, ‘The Stag King’ after Carlo Gozzi, ‘Uncle’s Dream’ by Feodor Dostoevsky.

TV-audience adores Olga Tumaikina for her comedy show ‘Women’s league’.

Recent premieres of the Vakhtangov theatre with Olga Tumaykina include: ‘The Storm’ after Alexander Ostrovsky, ‘The Imaginary Invalid’ after Moliere, ‘Benefit Performance’ after Nadezhda Ptushkina. Two more shows are to come this autumn.


  • 21 December, Thursday, 20:00

  • 27 January, 2024, Saturday, 20:00

  • Ticket price: from 900 to 1600 rub.

Characters & Cast:

Исполнитель Olga Tumaikina