Andrey Ilyin

Honored artist of Russia

He was born on July 18, 1960 in Moscow.

In 1979 he graduated from Gorky Theatrical School (course of B. Naravtsevich), and in 1983 – from the acting department of Riga Conservatory (workshop of A. Kats).

After graduation from the conservatory he served in the Soviet Army (infantry, reconnaissance detachment). The last six months of his army time he spent at the Ensemble of Song and Dance of the Baltic Defense Command.

After that, Ilyin had worked at Riga Theater of Russian Drama for ten and a half years.

Later, he also worked at Mossovet Theater.

In 2000, he was admitted to Chekhov Art Theater of Moscow.

He is currently engaged in plays at Mossovet Theater, Chekhov Art Theater of Moscow, Art-Partner XXI Theatrical Agency, LA`THEATER and Sergei Bezrukov’s Theater.

In 2011 director Mikhail Tsitriniak invited Andrei to Vakhtangov Theater for the part of George Schneider in “Games of the Lonely,” and in 2014 the actor took the Vakhtangov Theater Stage again as George Pitou in the play “Crawfish Cry” staged by Mikhail Tsitriniak.

From 1 September 2015, joined the troupe of the Theater Vakhtangov.

Official website of Andrey Ilyin:

His roles at the theater:

Riga Theater of Russian Drama:
Hamlet – W. Shakespeare, “Hamlet”
Treplev – A.P. Chekhov, “Seagull”
Khlestakov – N.V. Gogol, “The Auditor”
Alexei Ivanovich – F.M. Dostoyevsky “The Gambler” and so on.

Mossovet Theater:
Ruy Blas – “Ruy Blas”
Leonidik – A. Arbuzov, “My Poor Marat”
Algernon – O. Wilde, “The Importance of Being Earnest”
Charles Forestier – “Bon Ami.”
Malvolio – W. Shakespeare, “Twelfth Night, or What You Will”

Chekhov Art Theater of Moscow:
“The Serfdom of the Sanctimonious”
“Crime and Punishment”
“Sacred Fire”

G. Slutski “Glass Dust”
N. Simon “Gossip”
“Case No…”
“Man and Gentleman”

M. Christopher “A Lady and Her Men…”

Art-Partner XXI Theatrical Agency:
“The Witch”
Bernar – M. Camoletti, “The Featherhead”

Sergei Bezrukov’s Theater:
Petr Petrovich – A.P. Chekhov, “Passions after Emelian”

Vakhtangov Theater:
George Schneider – N. Simon, “Games of the Lonely”
George Pitou – “Crawfish Cry” by D. Marrel

The Investigation Has Established, 1981
Three Lemons for My Beloved Woman, 1983
Alone and Unarmed, 1984
A Lonely Bus in the Rain, 1986
A Man of the Retinue, 1987
Constellation of Goat-Buffalo, 1989
Life, 1989
The Flying Dutchman, 1990
Catafalque, 1990
Cynic, 1991
The Dog That Could Sing, 1991
Seven Forty (Ukraine), 1992
Season of the Naked Heart (Ukraine), 1992
Encore, Encore! 1992
The Split, 1993
She-Wolves, 1993
Men’s Mascot, 1995
What a Wonderful Game, 1995
Cheesecake Cafe, 1996
Dinners Delivered Home, 1996
False-Coiners, 1996
Kamenskaya, 1999
Directory of Death, 1999
Good Manners, 1999
D.D.D, 1999
Black Vibes, 1999
Law of Survival, 1999
The Shadow Catching Up, 1999
Trial Period, 2000
Actor and Master of Images, 2000
Detectives-1, 2001
Trumpets of Jericho, 2001
Drakosha & Co, 2001
Marsh of Turetsky, 2002
Playing Cat and Mouse, 2002
The Ark, 2002
Kamenskaya-2, 2002
Taxi Driver, 2003
An Island without Love, 2003
In Front of the Cold Fireplace, 2003
Family Happiness, 2003
A Goatling in Milk, 2003
Kamenskaya-3, 2003
Light It Up, 2003
The Estate, 2004
The Moscow Saga, 2004
The Red Capella, 2004
Dasha Vasilieva. Fan of Private Investigations – 3, 2004
Non-Secret Materials, 2004
The Reflection, 2005
Always the Wrong Ones Are Kissed (Ukraine, Russia), 2005
The Satisfaction, 2005
Heavenly Life, 2005
The Mistress, 2005
The Heaven for Swans, 2005
Kamenskaya-4, 2005
Two People at the New Year’s Tree (To Say Nothing of the Dog), 2005
Sunday at the Women’s Sauna, 2005
We Don’t Value What We Have, 2005
Philip’s Bay, 2005
Aides of Love, 2005
Pushkin: The Last Duel, 2006
Provincial Passions, 2006
The Charm of Evil, 2006
Countdown, 2006
My Poor Marat (a photoplay), 2006
A Leningrad Man, 2006
The Call – 1, 2006
The Formula of Nature, 2007
Potato Pies, 2007
One Love of All My Soul, 2007
Kuka, 2007
Daughters and Mothers, 2007
The Sleeping and the Beauty, 2008
Requiem for the Witness (Russia, Ukraine), 2008
Red Against White, 2008
Kamenskaya-5, 2008
Tycoons, 2008
Dream Agency (Russia, Ukraine), 2008
Others’ Souls (Ukraine), 2009
A Non-Fictional Murder, 2009
Wolf Messing: The Man Who Saw Through Time, 2009
The Karamazov Brothers, 2009
Happiness by Contract, 2010
The Capital of Sin, 2010
Nano Love, 2010
An Exemplary House, 2010
Garages, 2010
The Destiny of Irony, 2010
You Ordered a Murder, 2010
Military Intelligence. Western Front, 2010
Return of the Collection, 2010
Revelations, 2011
The Plant, 2011
Lavrova’s Method, 2011
Lady and Mannequins, 2011
Love Never Comes Alone, 2011
A Lecturer, 2011
Kamenskaya-6, 2011
A Remedy against Death, 2012
Once in Rostov, 2012
Without Witnesses, 2012
Full Value Complex, 2012
Poor Blood, 2013
Major of the Police, 2013
Vasilisa, 2014
I’m Sick and Tired!, 2014
The Alchemist, 2014
Between the Note Lines, or the Tantric Symphony, 2015

Documentary films:
Elena Yakovleva, 2011
To Insult a Queen, 2007

Awarded by a Special Prize of the Jury at the festival “Amur Autumn” for the play “Glass Dust” in 2005
He was awarded the Order of Friendship “for great merits in developing Russian culture and art, and many years of fruitful activities” in 2012