Lev Tolstoy

War and peace


Directed by Rimas Tuminas

4 hours 45 minutes with 2 intermissions

Rimas Tuminas:

We create, explore, comprehend destinies, paradoxes, madness, love, joy, despair. The world that we study and present to the audience is beautiful, aesthetic, theatrical, fragile. And it will be destroyed by the ominous comet, which is already in the sky above.

The theatre is always attracted by the edge of times, by changes and transformation. The performance demands elegance and simplicity. Don’t be afraid to break boundaries and old recipes for right and wrong.

Everything evokes memories. Memory is the “home of the soul”. Everything comes from childhood.

Something has happened to this world and this war. Something wrong.

Logic disappears against the background of war, other laws come to stage. We need another acting. As soon as the viewer predicts your next gesture, the actor becomes unnecessary. Psychological somersaults are very important — in actions, in thoughts. This is your duty: to cause changes in the soul, mood, impulses. The duty of our profession is to reveal the Word, to reveal the Thought.

Main Stage

  • 3 April, Monday, 19:00

  • 4 April, Tuesday, 19:00

  • 12 May, Friday, 19:00

  • 13 May, Saturday, 19:00

  • 29 May, Monday, 19:00

  • Ticket price: from 1000 to 10500 rub.

Premiere was on 8 November 2021

Characters & Cast:

The Rostovs
Count Ilya Andreyevich RostovAndrey Ilyin
Sergey Makovetskiy
Countess Natalya Rostova
his wife
Irina Kupchenko
Evgeniya Ivashova
their elder daughter
Asya Domskaya
Lada Churovskaya
their youngest daughter
Olga Lerman
Kseniya Treyster
their son
Yriy Tsokurov
their cousin
Maria Volkova
Irina Smirnova
The Bolkonskys
Prince Nikolai Andreich BolkonskyEvgeny Knyazev
Viktor Sukhorukov
Andrey, his sonYan Gakharmanov
Victor Dobronravov
Yryi Polyak
his daughter
Ekaterina Kramzina
Polina Chernyshova
Prince Andrey's wife
Maria Berdinskikh
Maria Rival
Mademoiselle Bourienne
Princess Maria's companion
Adelina Gizatullina
Anastasiya Zdanova
Count Pyotr Kirillovich ("Pierre") Bezukhov Pavel Popov
Denis Samoylov
The Kuragins
Prince Vasily Sergeyevich KuraginVladimir Simonov
Yury Shlykov
Andrei Zaretskiy
Elena (Hélène)
his daughter
Anna Antonova
Yana Sobolevskaya
his son
Vladimir Logvinov


The idea, literary composition and staging Rimas Tuminas
Set design Adomas Jacovskis
Costumes Mariya Danilova
Composer Giedrius Puskunigis
Choreographer Angelica Cholina
Lighting design Alexandr Matveev
with assistance of Damir Ismagilov
Scriptwriter Maria Peters
Literary consultant Elena Kniazeva
Assistant directors Eldar Tramov
Gulnaz Balpeisova
Scene speech trainer Vera Kamyshnikova
Make-up design Olga Kalyavina
Sound director Ruslan Knushevitsky
Stage managers Natalya Menshikova
Irina Gromova