Angelica Cholina

Choreography director

Angelica Cholina is one of the most famous Lithuanian choreographers, Associate Professor at Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre, founder of A|CH theatre.

In 1989 Cholina graduated from Vilnius Ballet School.

In 1996 she graduated from Russian Academy of Theatre Arts (GITIS) as a choreography director (O. Tarasova course). Her choreographic debut was a ballet in two acts, “Medea” (1996). The performance was awarded with Saint Christopher prize for choreography.

Angelica Cholina was awarded with The Ministry for Culture of the Republic of Lithuania “Golden Cross of the Stage” prize for the best choreography twice (“Othello” in 2006 and “Anna Karenina” in 2010).

A|CH theatre was established in 2000 by Angelica Cholina and Greta Cholina, the current managing director of the establishment. Today “The Dance Theatre of Angelica Cholina” is one of the largest, most professional and most successful theatres in Lithuania.

The performances staged by Angelica Cholina vary a lot. All of the performances show intriguing director ideas, individual choreography style, strong music and aesthetic talent. Angelica Cholina has created a wonderful synthesis of classical ballet, modern dance and drama acting. Drama actors participate in the performances together with the professional dancers. Creative prowess, impressive aesthetics, perfectly selected music, costumes and impeccable set design make performances of perfect expression.

During a 25-years art carrier Angelica Cholina has staged 15 dance performances, two ballets, one musical and one operetta and more than 100 choreographic miniatures. She is a choreography director of several episodes of Warner Brothers operas and movies.

Modern choreography miniatures staged by Angelica Cholina and her students in Vilnius Ballet School and in Munich Dance Academy were awarded with Grand-prix and golden medals of international ballet competitions in Lausanne, Varna, Moscow, Paris, Tokyo, New-York, Stockholm, Munich and Helsinki.

Since 2008 Angelica Cholina collaborates with Vakhtangov State Academic Theatre of Russia. Angelica Cholina was the first director in Moscow who created a completely new manner of performing: drama actors play in a choreography show without spoken words but with marvellous expression on a drama stage. The choreography shows by Angelica Cholina in the Vakhtangov Theatre at the moment are: “The Coast of Women” (2008), “Anna Karenina” (2012), “Othello” (2013), “Men and women, or Scripts of human life” (2015).

Angelica Cholina took part as a choreography director in “Eugene Onegin” (2013) and “Minetty” (2015), the Vakhtangov Theatre performances staged by Rimas Tuminas.

In 2011 Angelica Cholina was honoured with the Knight’s Cross for cultural contributions of the Order for Merits to Lithuania. In 2016 she was awarded with the main state prize to the cultural work in Lithuania «Carry your Light and Believe”.

The coast of women (originally dance performance “Songs of women” by Marlene Dietrich songs), 2008
Anna Karenina, 2012
Othello, 2013
Men and women, or Scenarios, by which people live, 2015

Listing of most significant performances:

1996 – “Medea”, ballet by A.Rekasius in the Lithuanian National Opera and Ballet Theatre
1998 – “Songs of Women” based on the songs of M. Dietrich in the Lithuanian National Drama Theatre
1998 – “Carmen” by G. Bizet, R. Shchedrin in the Lithuanian National Drama Theatre
1999 – “Crazy girls’ dances” by А. Vivaldi and C. Saint-Saens in Oskaras Korsunovas Theatre (currently OKT / Vilnius City Theatre)
2000 – “The house of Bernarda Alba”, based on the play by F.G. Lorca in the Lithuanian National Drama Theatre
2001 – “Tango in Fa” by A. Piazzolla in A|CH Theatre
2002 – “Love” by contemporary composers in A|CH Theatre
2003 – “Romeo and Juliet” by contemporary composers in A|CH Theatre
2004 – “Bolero” by M. Ravel in A|CH Theatre
2005 – “People” by an arrangement of Lithuanian folk music in A|CH Theatre
2006 – “Othello” by J. Adams and contemporary composers in A|CH Theatre
2007 – “The fantasy for five elements” by contemporary composers in A|CH Theatre
2009 – “Men and Women” by the classical ballet music in A|CH Theatre
2010 – “Madame Pompadour”, operetta in two parts at Kaunas State Musical Theatre
2010 – “Anna Karenina” by A. Schnittke in A|CH Theatre
2011 – “Barbora Radvilaite”, ballet by S. Vainiunas, A. Malcys, H. M. Gorecki in the Lithuanian National Opera and Ballet Theatre
2014 – “Legend of Zygimantas Augustas and Barbora Radvilaite”, musical by K. Masanauskas

Award “St. Kristoforas” (Medea), 1996
Golden Cross of the stage (Othello), 2006
Golden Cross of the stage (Anna Karenina), 2011
Award of the name of Oleg Jankowsky “Creative Discovery 2012-2013” for the production “Anna Karenina”
The main state prize to the cultural work in Lithuania «Carry your Light and Believe”, 2016