Othello (2013)

choreographic performance after W. Shakespeare

The premiere held onNovember 9, 2013

Five years ago director and choreographer Angelica Cholina came up with an idea of a new production of “Coast of Women”, unusual in its shape, attractive in the aesthetics of a non-verbal theatre. Successfully received by the audience, the experiment was followed by the production of “Anna Karenina” after Leo Tolstoy’s novel, where the plastic solution organically conveys the harmony of word and sense, while its exquisite choreography fills the action with a special artistic affluence.

“Othello” by William Shakespeare is the third experience of joint work of the choreographer and the theatre.

For implementing of her conception, Angelica Cholina chooses the works that have become a benchmark in literature and drama, filled with tragic collisions, peculiar characters, sharp storyline, plot, where opposing heroes require not only perfect plastic implementation, but also great energy power of spiritual forces.

Shifting away from the traditional reading of the famous works is an eternal way the director-choreographer Angelica Cholina has chosen as her method. She weaves a net of jealousy, love, betrayal, and then as if unwinds the tangle of twists and turns, exposing the truth tragic in its innocence and disgusting in its envy and lies, helpless and acutely felt in the fate of the innocent victim.

Angelica Cholina:

“I desire to tell about love, relationships and lives of people at the theatre, that’s why I chose “Othello”, a great work of Shakespeare, that portrays a terrible, truly fabulous tragedy of a man who kills the most precious being of his life, having deprived it of any sense. I am tempting to bring in the sense of horror at the terrible mistake and crime, which a noble, credent and kind man condescended to, blinded by jealousy. I am aiming to show how a pure-hearted man can find himself entangled in the nets of slander. In a belief of fighting for moral purity, he kills his innocent beloved wife, punishing himself for having succumbed to insanity”.

Running time: 2 hours 20 min with one intermission.

The play is recommended for audience older than 16 years (16 +).

Main Stage

Premiere was on 9 November 2013

Characters & Cast:

Othello Grigory Antipenko
Desdemona Olga Lerman
Iago Victor Dobronravov
Cassio Pavel Tekheda – Kardenas
Dmitry Gudochkin
Emilia Mariya Kulik
Bianca Lada Churovskaya
Jester Maksim Sevrinovsky
girlfriend Adelina Gizatullina
Ekaterina Kramzina
Asya Domskaya
Anastasiya Zdanova
sailors Aleksey Gimmelyreyh
Vladimir Logvinov
Yryi Polyak
Vitalys Semenovs
Vladimir Shulyev
Pavel Yudin
Dmitry Gudochkin
Vasily Tsygantsov
Pavel Tekheda – Kardenas
Girls - wave, turks, thoughts Svetlana Bryksina
Natalia Vinokurova
Natalya Varfolomeeva
Anna Kozemyakina
Anna Kalabina
Anastasiya Lazebnykh
Lubovy Sorokina
Inna Budnikova
Kseniya Kubasova
Polina Chernyshova
Olga Borovskaya
Oksana Surkova
Elizaveta Sikorskaya
Mariya Belonenko
Anfisa Lomakina
Elvira Tsymbal
Juliya Chepurnova
Ekaterina Dracheva


Director-choreographer Angelica Cholina
Artist - designer Marius Jacovskis
Costume designer Mariya Danilova
Lighting designer Tadas Valeyka
Репетиторы Живиле Байкштите
Анастасия Королькова
Помощник режиссера Наталья Меньшикова
Music by John Adoms and other contemporary composers sounds in the production.