Elena Mihaylova

Graduated from B.V. Schukin Theater School in 1978, course of A.G. Burov.

From 1979 to 1987 she served in Central Children’s Theater (Russian Academic Youth Theater).

In 1994 she started joint performances and solo concerts together with her husband Aleksandr.

The Mikhaylovs couple is a winner of the First Moscow Youth Festival of Authors Spiritual Songs in the name of  Roman Sladkopevets “Confession of Heart”, awarded with medals of Reverend Sergius of Radonezh of second degree and Holy Blessed Prince Daniil of Moscow.

In 1997 she graduated from St. Tikhon’s Institute of Theology (now St. Tikhon’s Orthodox University) with a degree of Bachelor of Arts.

Matryona (Matryona’s House), 2008
My quiet motherland (play), 2010

Russian Youth Theatre:
Inna (Anton and others)
Amelia (Bernard Alba’s House)
Lyubov Schvtsova (Young Guard)
Mother (Shishok)
Ak-Yondoz (A Long Long Childhood )
Anna Ivanovna (Poverty is no vice)
Zoya (Ask yourself)
Lizochka (The Drum Player)
Mother (Dream with continuation)

1998 —together with Ter-Zakharova “The Lost Conscience”

2000 — together with the professor of the Schukin drama School V.v. Ivanov “Vanya Datskiy”

The Magic skin, 1975
Red blackearth, 1977
And everlasting fight. From A.Block’s life 1980
Two chapters from the family chronicle, 1981
Flying in dream and in reality, 1982
The Kiss, 1983
Two Hussars, 1984
Old alphabete, 1987
«The Lost Conscence» (V.V.Ivanov). (SPAS TV Channel), 2005

1995 — Thanks God for everything
1996 — Sing, children, to the Lord
1998 — My quiet Motherland
2003 — The soul is in sorrow for the heavens