Nadezhda Generalova

Nadezhda Generalova was born on June 6, 1916.She worked in the theater of Eugene Vahtangov from 1937 to 1996.She taught  acting at the Theatre School named after BV Shchukin.Nadezhda Generalova passed away on February 6, 1996.

Boy (Much noise about nothing, 1936)
Clotilde (Straw Hat, 1939)
Page of the Duke (Don Quixote, 1941)
2nd niece (Masquerade, 1941)
Gypsy Nastya (Oleko Dundich, 1942)
Page (Cyrano de Bergerac, 1942)
Burt (All My Sons, 1948)
Katya (The Twelfth Hour, 1950)
Gavroche (Les Miserables, 1950)
Boy (Filomena Marturano, 1956)
Shepherd (No happiness without sadness, 1954)
Tom Sawyer (The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, 1958)
Anton (Irkutsk Story, 1959)
Homeless (Red Cavalry, 1966)
Gnome (Puss in Boots, 1974)

City at dawn (photoplay), 1959
The Story of a young married couple (photoplay), 1964
Red Cavalry (photoplay), 1975
Puss in Boots (photoplay), 1979
Comic lover, or Love venture of Sir John Falstaff, 1983