Tatiana Selvinskaya

Honoured artist of the Soviet Union, Laureate of the Russian Federation State Award.Tatyana Ilinichna Selvinskaya was born 2 November, 1927. In 1953 she graduated from the Moscow State Architecture Academy (M.Kurilko’s workshop, teachers: Robert Falk and Alexander Tyshler). Tatyana Selvinskaya has created decorations for almost 200 plays in Moscow, Saratov, Kazan, Chelyabinsk, Kostroma, Magadan, Vladivostok, Khabarovsk, Ufa, Tashkent, Taganrog and other cities. She admits that “as a member of the play-making community, I have found for myself unusual forms of participation in this work”. She also admits that the theatre always stands apart from the real life, therefore, she has to create a special environment that is not just an imitation of the real life. Among the plays staged at The Vakhtangov Theatre in 1993 are Ostorvsky’s Guilty Without Guilt (staged by P.Fomenko, 1993) and Jerome Kilty’s Dear Liar (staged by A.Shapiro, 1994). In 1967-1978 Tatyana Selvinskaya was teaching a course of theatre composition at the Moscow 1905 Year Memorial Arts College. Among her student are such famous theatre artists as I.Balashevich, N.Vasilieva, V.Koltunov, O.Kulagina, L.Podorova, V.Pushkin, E.Senatova, T.Spasolomskaya, V.Turkin, K.Shimanovskaya and I.Shumilov.Tatyana Selvinskaya is an active participant of numerous exhibitions, both individual and group ones. Her works are exhibited on The State Tretyakov Gallery, The Bakhrushin Theatre Museum, theatre museums and art galleries of St.Petersburg, Kiev, Chelyabinsk, Simferopol and Bryansk. In1970 Tatyana Selvinskaya began writing poetry and has published several books of poems: The Dedication (1989), The Opposition (1993) and Face the Love (1994).

The Amusements (The Lenkom Theatre, staged by F.Berman, 1966)
Superstitious Trusokhvostik (The Moscow Theatre for Young Spectators, staged by V.Gorelov, 1966)
How Mr. Mockinpott was cured of his Sufferings (The Taganka Theatre, staged by M.Levitin, 1969), My Choice – Courage (The Central Academic Theatre of the Russian Army, staged by M.Levitin, 1978)
Wolves and Sheep (The Fomenko’s Studio, staged by P.Fomenko, 1992), The Collection of Russian Vaudevilles (The Russian Academic Youth Theatre, staged by E.Dolgina, 1992)
Pas de Trois (The Pushkin Theatre, staged by E. Dolgina, 1993), The Poor Brides (The Russian Academic Youth Theatre, staged by G.Pechnikov, 1994)
Pollyanna (The Russian Academic Youth Theatre, staged by V.Bogatyryov, 1995)
Mary Stuart (The Ermolova Theatre, staged by V.Andreev, 1996)
The Princess Far-Away (The Russian Academic Youth Theatre, staged by A.Shapiro, 1996)
Catherine the Great (The Ermolova Theatre, staged by V. Andreev, 1998)
Baryshnya-krestyanka (The Squire’s Daughter, The Ermolova Theatre, staged by N.Britaev, 1998)
Jealous of Herself (The Ruben Simonov Theatre, staged by E.Livnev, 2001)
and many others.
Together with the director from Chelyabinsk N. Orlov Tatyana Selvinskaya has worked on a number of plays, including:
Thyl, 1975
Banya (Bathhouse), 1977
Othello, 1980
Little Tragedies, 1985
Fatherlessness, 1996
Plague to Your Houses, 1998 and others.
Among other Selvinskaya’s works are:
The House Where We Were Born (Odessa, staged by B.Zaidenberg, 1965),
The Idiot (Saratov, staged by Y. Rubin, 1971), Without a Dowry (Kostroma, staged by V.Shimanovsky, 1977),
The Shadows (Kirov, staged by F.Berman, 1976), Poor Folk (Vladivostok, staged by E.Tabachnokov, 1976),
Richard III (Vladivostok, E.Tabachnokov, 1979) and many others.