Dear Liar (1994)

After the death of Stella Patrick Campbell a hatbox was found where the famous English actress store carefully her correspondence with dramatists George Bernard Shaw. Their romance in letters lasted for the whole life. The performance “Dear Liar” produced by Adolf Shapiro is a performance about passionate love and public loneliness, about miscommunication of two people and about lust for life. In a small hall for just 70 seats two elderly persons will quarrel and be reconciled, mock each other and confess their love. Subtle, graceful Campbell (Julia Borisova) is a woman of indomitable temper. Shaw (Vasiliy Lanovoy) is a real English gentleman, reserved and acid-tongued. They will carry their love to the end of their life. Shocked by death of the actress, Shaw will say: “It was a real fairy and she bewitched me along with everyone else”.

Main Stage

Premiere was on 9 May 1994

Characters & Cast:

Patrick Campbell Yulia Borisova
George Bernard Shaw Vasiliy Lanovoy


Production Adolf Shapiro
Scenography Tatiana Selvinskaya
Decorator Vladimir Amelin
Translation B. Izakov
E. Golysheva
Music Zinaida Legkaya