Guilty without Guilt (1993)

3 hours 20 minutes with 1 intermission

The premiere took place on April 24, 1993

“Guilty without guilt”
is put on by Pyotr Fomenko on the Small stage that used to be a crush bar. This
notice justifies itself during the play. Shmaga, the comedian, says his catch
line – “a proper place for an actor is a crush bar”. Fomenko settles Ostrovsky’s
melodrama that tells a story of a small town past-century theatre actors as a
love message to the theatre itself, with its tears and laughs, dirty tricks and
rectitude. In this play theatre speaks of what it knows best – its own self.
The rich landlord Dudukin defines an actor as “the fowl of the air”. These fowls live by the laws of drama, they
keep acting every minute and sometimes find it hard to sift out the stage from
the real life.

Main Stage

Premiere was on 24 April 1993

Characters & Cast:

Characters and cast

Nina Pavlovna Korinkina
Lyudmila Maksakova
Niel Stratonych Dudukin
Rich landlord
Yury Yakovlev
Evgeny Karelskih
Grigory Lvovich Murov Vyacheslav Shalevich
Viktor Zozulin
Grigory Neznamov
Small town theatre actor
Evgeny Knyazev
Petya Milovzorov
First lover, small town theatre actor
Viktor Zozulin
Aleksey Zavialov
Shmaga Yuri Volintsev
Mikhail Ulyanov
Dmitry Kravtsov
Mikhail Vorontsov
Arina Arkhipovna Galchikha
Small town theatre actor
Alla Kazanskaya
Inna Alabina
Servant in the inn
Anatoliy Menshchikov
Musicians Vladimir Brand
Vladimir Sveshnikov


Lyubov Ivanovna Otradina Lidia Velezhova
Elena Sotnikova
Taisa Ilyinishna Shelavina Marina Esipenko
Elena Sotnikova
Nonna Grishaeva
Grigoriy Lvovich Murov Yury Kraskov
Annushka Olga Gavriluk
Inna Alabina
Arina Arkhipovna Galchikha


Director Petr Fomenko
Set design and costumes Tatiana Selvinskaya
Music Tatiana Agaeva
Make-up artist Olga Kalyavina
Lighting designer Vladimir Amelin