Vladimir Mirzoev

Laureate of the State Prize of the Russian Federation

Vladimir Vladimirovich Mirzoev was born 21 October, 1957. In 1981 he graduated from the directing department of The Moscow Lunacharsky Institute of Theatre Arts (Mark Mestechkin’s workshop).

Official website http://mirzoev.bip.ru/

Amphitryon, 1998 (prize “The Seagull” – actor Simonov — “For the best male comedy role”)
Cyrano de Bergerac, 2001
Lear, 2003
Don Juan and Sganarelle, 2005
Princess Yvonne, 2011
Betrayal, 2011
Follies of day, оr Marriage of Figaro, 2014

Theatrical productions in Russia:
1986 – “Holiday” by Olga Mikhailova, Lenin Komsomol Moscow Drama Theatre also known as “Lenkom”.The play took part in the All-Union Festival of Youth Theatre in Tbilisi.
1987 – “Madame Margaret,” by Roberto Atayyad, Moscow in the House of Culture of health care workers. Performance was also invited to the festival of Russian culture in Zurich, Switzerland.
1988 – “Miss Julie” August Strindberg, Moscow. Workshops STD. Performance was invited to the festival of Russian culture in Zurich, Switzerland.
1988 – “Afternoon division” by Paul Claudel, Moscow. Workshops STD. The play was involved in the theater festival “Sideways.” Award – “Best performance of the main female role”
. 1988 – “Escorial” by Michel de Gelderod, Moscow, at the museum of Decorative Arts.
1989 – “Ember” by Samuel Beckett, in the premises of the Moscow Puppet Theatre.
1989 – “OPPORTUNITY” A “, Howard Barker, Moscow. Workshops STD.
1994 – “Who is stronger,” August Strindberg, the Moscow Drama Theatre. “Pariah” Stanislavsky, small stage.
1994 – “Marriage” by N. Gogol, Stanislavsky Moscow Drama Theatre.
1996 – “Khlestakov” NV Gogol’s stage version of the famous comedy writer, “Inspector”, Stanislavsky Moscow Drama Theatre. State Award “For the best male role” – artist Maksim Sukhanov.
1997 — “This that world” Aleksey Kazantsev, Stanislavsky Moscow Drama Theatre.
1997 – “Blue” Mikhail Ugarov, small stage of the Stanislavsky Moscow Drama Theatre. Award “For the best Newcomer of the Year” – actor Alexander Usov.
1997 – “In Search of the Miraculous,” a modern ballet, opera, Moscow. Theatre of Stanislavsky.
1998 – “Two Women” Turgenev. Stage version of the comedy “Month in the Country. Lenkom Theatre, Moscow. The award “Seagull” – actors and D. E. Shanin Maryanov – “The best erotic duet.”
1999 — “The 12th night» William Shakespeare, the Moscow Drama Theatre of Stanislavsky.
1999 – “The Taming of the Shrew” by William Shakespeare, the Moscow Drama Theatre of Stanislavsky.
2000 – “Tartuffe” Moliere, Vilnius, Lithuania. Russian Drama Theatre.
2000 – “Collection of Pinter” Harold Pinter – “Collection”, Moscow. Production of “Art Bridge”, St. Petersburg.
2000 – “Millionaire” George Bernard Shaw, Moscow. The independent theater project.

Foreign theatrical performances:
1990 – “Inspector” Nikolai Gogol, Toronto. “Ekuiti Show Case” (the company of an independent trade union acting in Canada).
1990 – “Victory” Michael Bogomolny, Toronto. Horizontal Eight Studio. The play was staged in Russian (performers – Russian actors) with simultaneous translation into English.
1991 — “The strongest” August Strindberg, Toronto. Horizontal Eight Studio.
1991 — “Players of ping-pong” by William Saroyan – a performance of two one-act plays.Toronto.
1991 – “Salome” Oscar Wilde, Toronto. The play was involved in the theater festival “Summer Works”.
1991 — “Opprtunities “B ‘” Howard Barker, Toronto. Horizontal Eight Studio.
1992 – “Yvonne, Princess BURGUNDY” Witold Gombrowicz, Toronto. The play was presented to the most prestigious theater award in Canada, “Dora the Avord” in the category “Best performance of the main female role.”
1992 — “Mede-Material”, Heine M?ller, Toronto. Theatre Centre.
1992 – “Three actors and their drama” by Michel de Gelderod, Toronto. Horizontal «BLIND» Eight Studio. The play was involved in a theater festival in Edinburgh, Scotland.
1992 – “The Proposal” by Anton Chekhov vaudeville, Toronto. Horizontal Eight Studio.”BEAR”
1992 – “Caligula,” Albert Camus, Toronto. Actors’ Lab Theatre. The play was presented to the “Dora the Avord” in two categories: “For the best producer work” and “For the best performance of the season.”
1992 – “Birthday” Harold Pinter, Department of Theatre and Drama, University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, USA.
1993 — “Feast of spiders” Anita C. McFarlane, Toronto. Horizontal Eight Studio.
1993 – “Collcetion” Harold Pinter, Toronto. Horizontal Eight Studio. Decoratori – V. Kovalchuk, A. Romanowski.
1993 – “She’s dead,” Paul Abelman, Toronto. “Workshop Space”.
1994 — “Russian dream” Olga Mikhailova, Toronto. Horizontal Eight Studio.
1995 – “Notes of a Madman,” Nikolai Gogol. Mono-play. Private Company. Munich, Philadelphia, New York, Moscow.
1996 – “The Taming of the Shrew” by William Shakespeare. Vilnius, Lithuania. Russian Drama Theatre.
Excluding the performances of “The Inspector”, “Ivona, Princess of Burgundy”, “Collection” and “Russian Dream”, scenography and costumes were developed with the participation of V. Mirzoyev and D. Belopolsky.

1992 – “Veinna Oedipus” 8-minute feature film. It was filmed in collaboration with Dmitri Belopolski and Annaliisoy ewicki with the participation of actors from Horizontal Eight Theatre Company, Toronto. The film was selected for display at the 11th World Festival in The Hague, Netherlands in April 1993
1993 – “Summer in the Cherry Orchard,” 47-minute documentary about the descendants of the family Chicherin from Canada, USA and England, who returned to Russia after the fall of the communist regime. The film commissioned by Channel TV Ontario, Canada. Production – Lucid Film Company Ltd.. and Ann Bromley Productions.
1993 – “Invisible Minority” is a 45-minute documentary about the Russian “refugee”, living illegally in Canada. Film was commissioned by CBS television on-Sea. Production – Lucid Film Company Ltd..
1997 – “Love” the 52-minute drama play after the play of Lyudmila Petrushevskaya. The film is made under the order of RTR (Russian State TV and Radio), the production – cooperation “Lad”.

1991-1992 — Theater Ontario (English-speaking theaters governance in the province of Ontario). Stage director-consultant on the selection of actors for auditions permanent theater company in the province.
1992 – Show Case Ekuiti tietr, Toronto, Canada. Three-week master classes for professional actors in the system of Michael Chekhov.
1992 – The University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA. Department of Theatre and Drama.Workshops for students at the Stanislavsky and Michael Chekhov, lectures and consultations.
1992 – Works Company, Inc. Theater, Toronto, Canada. Workshops for actors Professional theater companies (the system of Michael Chekhov).
1993 – York University, Toronto, Canada. Stage director-teacher in a special program to enhance the theatrical skill for actors and Stage directorov. Lectures and consultations.
1993-1994 – University of Toronto, Canada. Stage director-consultant at the Department of Theatre and Drama. A course of lectures and workshops for students in the system of Michael Chekhov.