Amphitryon (1998)

The constellation of the best actors of the Vakhtangian stage: Sergey Makovetskiy, Maxim Sukhanov, Marina Aronova, Vladimir Simonov, presents a fine philosophic comedy by Moliere “Amphitryon” produced by Vladimir Mirzoev. Jupiter, having descended from Olympus and slain by the beauty of Alcmene (Anna Dubrovskaya), young wife of a Theban general Amphitryon (Sergey Makovetskiy), appears before her in the likeness of her husband, but soon the real Amphitryon comes back from war … Further actions develop on the background of a series of funny and awkward situations that take place in the house of the deceived general and where Amphitryon himself, Alcmene, his servants – Sosia (Vladimir Simonov) and Cleanthis (Maria Aronova) and gods themselves take part. An antique comedy about matrimonial relationships by no means lost its timely character, it is as contemporary now as it was several centuries ago. Without backing out of his personal style suggests that spectators dive into this Greek myth, and the images of ironic and captivating Amphitryon-Makovetskiy and mocking Mercury-Sukhanov, unlucky Sosia-Simonov and love-languish Cleanthis-Aronova reveal the true point of events.

Main Stage

Premiere was on 4 February 1998

Characters & Cast:

Mercury Maksim Sukhanov
The Night Pavel Safonov
Victor Dobronravov
Valery Ushakov
as Amphitrion
Aleksey Zavialov
Cadmian commander
Sergey Makovetskiy
Amphitrion’s wife
Anna Dubrovskaya
Yulia Rutberg
Alkmene’s servant, Soziy’s wife
Maria Aronova
Anna Antonova
Amphitrion’s servant
Vladimir Simonov
Cadmian commander
Oleg Lopuhov
Leonid Bichevin
Cadmian commander
Alexander Koznov
Victor Dobronravov
Oleg Lopuhov
Artur Ivanov


Director Vladimir Mirzoev
Scenography and costumes Pavel Kaplevich
Lighting designer Vladimir Amelin
Translation Valeriy Bryusov
Music Aleksey Schelygin
Choreographer Kim Frank