Zoya Bajhanova

Zoya Bajhanova was born 8 February, 1902 in Moscow.

She is a student of Y.Vakhtangov and M.Chekhov.  Since 1919 – an actress in the Vakhtangov studio, then, in 1926, when it became a theatre, she became an actress of the theatre and worked there till the end of her life. In 1930-1957 she taught at the Schukin Drama School.

Z.K. Bajhanova died 30 December, 1968.

Zelima (Turandot), 1922
Dunyasha(The Marriage), 1924
Mokeikha (Virinea), 1925)
Lady in greeb (Plot of feelings), 1929
Valya (The Pace), 1930
Lisanka (Zoika’s Flat»), 1930
Taisiya(Yegor Bulychev and others), 1932
Lena (Floridsdorf), 1936