Gonna be


1 hour 15 minutes without intermission

Premiere – the 10th of February, 2019

In 1980-s postmodern literature was extremely popular in Russia. Among the talented authors of the period are Venedict Erofeev, Alexander Sokolov, Andrey Bitov, Victor Pelevin, Lyudmila Petrushevskaya and others. Nina Sadur creates the play ‘Frosen’ in 1987. The production ‘Gonna be’ is based on this play.

There are Nadia and Leyla — two girls working as the cleaning staff in the theatre; Leo – on of the ‘stage heands’, he is deaf-mute; and the Guard. Their story-line is suddenly influenced by the magnificent figures of the past: theatre director Alexander Tairov and his wife, the famous actress Alice Coonen, the establishers of the Kamerniy theatre in Moscow. The world of the characters becomes delusive and unsteady.

Gulnaz Balpeisova, the director:

“As one character of this play sais: “We are getting into troubles while we are young. But then everything’s gonna be alright”. I was searching for a dramaturgie that matches with Zemphira’s songs. Thouse song are aiming strictly to one’s heart, they inspire. Nina Sadur’s play appeared to match perfect. There is lonlyness, sadness, lack of love, but there is also the hope. The hope that everything’s gonna be”.

1 h 15 min without interval



Premiere was on 10 February 2019

Characters & Cast:

Nadia Ekaterina Zharkova
Leyla Irina Smirnova
Liova Denis Bondarenko
Guard Private: Sergey Bataev


Director Gulnaz Balpeisova
Set designer Alexandra Karpeykina
Lighting Designer Mikhail Barannikov
Video effects production Vakhtang Khubutiya
Ivan Kriuchkov
Dinara Sisembaeva
Olga Tumaikina
Sound director Vadim Magalias
Technical support Dmitriy Lazarev
Assistant director Asya Knyazeva
Rogneda Smirnova