Field-Marshal Kutuzov (1940)

At the end of the thirties – beginning of the forties the officious required a play about leaders and commanders. In 1939, the theatre accepted for production the tragedy in poems of Vladimir Soloviev “Field-Marshal Kutuzov”.

N. Okhlopkov was incited for the production. In the authorial subtitle, “Field-Marshal Kutuzov” was marked as “episodes of the Patriotic War of 1812”. But lack of a through plot was no obstacle for Okhlopkov. True to himself, he created a performance which is monumental, massive, picturesque, somewhat declarative, with a shade of opera-like solemnity.

Main Stage

Premiere was on 16 March 1940

Characters & Cast:

Kutuzov Mikhail Derzhavin
Napoleon Anatoliy Goryunov
Bagration Lev Sverdlin
Alexander I Mikhail Sidorkin
Barclay de Tolli Nikolay Bubnov
Benigsen Leonid Shikhmatov